Giovani Lombardi

Specialty: Guitar/Bass (All Styles)

Gio’s love for music and his natural inclination toward education has started him very young as a Guitar teacher as well. Has played and taught extensively throughout South America, U.S.A, and Europe where periodically goes back to perform and give his clinics. Gio’s teaching experience spans more than two decades on an international level, his records speak louder than a thousand words. His teaching methodology, passion, love and knowledge translate into certified student retention (of any age) in terms of years! As a teacher for many music schools, conservatories, and music institutions, he has acquired skills that allow him to relate and engage with students of heterogeneous interest. Trough his classes you’ll be able to access to comprehensive curriculum tailored to all types of needs, being able to relate to the complete beginner as well as to advanced players is one of his specialties. Gio is available Mondays and Thursdays